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The plumbers of NEAT PLUMBING are always accessible and ready to serve. Here are a few of our affordable plumbing services, which you can seek when asking for help:

  • Drain Cleaning Services

For dealing with all your drain and cleaning needs, we have equipment for all to take care of your problem. Also, for your protection and peace of mind, we have the license and insurance papers. So, just relax while we are working at your place!

Besides this, we make use of sewer line video inspection to locate the source of trouble. After which, thorough drain cleaning services are performed. 

Here, we deal with main drains, shower drains, lavatory sink drains, tub drains, floor drains, kitchen sink drains, storm drains, and also washing machine drains. 

  • Faucet Repair Or Replacement

Faucets being the essential component of the plumbing system have more chances of getting corrode, break, or wear out. So, whenever such problems occur, it immediately needs repair or replacement. 

Usually, the faucets are classified into four types namely ball, disk, cartridge, and compression. So, whatever is the type, if you're interested in getting the repair done, you don’t need to figure out which type of faucet it is. Just give us a call and rest leave on us.

  • Septic System Pumping & Replacement

This may result in sewage backup up in the basement of the house or having toilets backed up and slow to drain. If this is happening then the grinder pump needs to be replaced. The riser pump moves the waste from the septic tank into the drain field. If waste is not being carried to the drain field, the riser pump is broken.

If the basement or the toilet lines are blocked or draining the water slowly, we will help you in replacing its grinder pump. Or else, if the waste or garbage is not being carried to the drain field,  We will help you get rid of that too. 

  • Grease Trap Service

Equipped with professionals and a full fleet of vacuum trucks, we provide all types of grease trap cleaning and maintenance services. Thus, you can rely blindly on our discreet, environment-friendly, and efficient grease trap services. 

  • Excavation Services

We use bigger versions of trucks in the construction world. Also, we have a team of experts, who are exclusively serving in trenching, grading, hauling dirt, and in many other related tasks. To know more about them, contact our customer support team via mail or phone!

  • Pipe & Leak Repairs

If at your place, the leaking water from the pipe is troubling you or else, you are even under a more worse condition such as the pipe has burst, then obviously for it, you need a professional plumber. 

So, don’t waste time, just call our experienced plumbers and let them fix or replace the pipe.

  • Hydro-jetting

Clogging drain has been the common problem these days. Occurring mainly due to the material being stuck in drains or toilet, this problem is something that needs powerful equipment like Hydro-jet. And without any doubt, we cater at your place, using it, so that you can get a respite from the issue quickly.

  • General Plumbing

There are many other utilities to look for like plumbing fixtures, when you are here with us. 

To know more about what we are offering in this section, contact us at our toll-free number.


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